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NOTICE: You may obtain information about sex offender registry and persons registered with the registry by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Corrections on the Internet at or by phone at 877-234-0085

The rental of this property is limited to the use and occupancy by the individuals listed aboce without any right to sublet any or all of the property. Tenant may request in writing seven days after delivery of the rental unit a list of physical damages or defects, if any, charged to the previous tenants security deposit.

I understand that if I have misrepresented any information on this application that my application will be denied.

I authorize Landlord to do the following: (1) contact any individuals and/or businesses listed above and verify all of the information provided in this application before, during, and/or after my tenancy, and (2) obtain a copy of my consumer credit report.

I acknowledge being furnished copies of the Rental Agreement, Rules & Regulations, and if applicable, any Nonstandard Rental Provisions. I agree to sign the Rental Agreement, Rules & Regulations and Nonstand Rental Provisions, if applicable, prior to taking occupancy of the unit.

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Please Note: Landlord is using public records provided by a third party service to determine your eligibility to rent. Neither Landlord, nor the third party service, can vouch for the accuracy of the records as they have no control over such records. It is the responsibility of the applicant to check the accuracy of their own public records. Also, a security deposit is required from every tenant against damage or loss to the premises and the security deposit cannot be used for the last month's rent.